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Dear Customers! Please pay attention while choosing your product. Size of wear is often individual and even the same maker may have different size charts, which are available on our website.

On the top of page near the image you can see parameters, such as color, size etc. Please indicate all parameters while placing your order. Size chart which is located in the product’s description area might be helpful for choosing your size. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Only a few products have free-size. All the other products need size selection. Most of the wear for martial arts is made of cotton, so it will shrink after wash. Shrink percentage is indicated on the page.

All products need utmost care and your attention. Hand wash, in-room dry or sun-dry, never use bleach or any other chemicals – they shall hurt the cloth. Some protectors might be washed as well, but please read the description.

Obi selection is rather easy. Just multiply your waist by two and plus 95 cm. That shall be your size. Of course some individual parameters might apply.

For some types of wear and protectors you may choose your size. Please bear in mind that the size might slightly differ from the one on the photograph.


In our store you have an opportunity to purchase a unique video of trainings and fights by real Budo Masters. You can not find this video on YouTube! Some disks have English subtitles. The others do not (it is indicated in prduct description). But all these DVD’s are unique source of information how to move, hold yourself, how to make jutsu and develop your own style.

Unique video with Morihei Ueshiba, Made-upon-order Kyudo Video and Judo champions’ trainings are available in our store. It is a great opportunity for professionals who desire to obtain new knowledge and skills directly from Japanese Martial Arts’ Champions!

KATACHI (form) is a basic philosophic category in Japanese culture and in Japanese martial arts. Japanese people rarely speak and almost never explain how everything must e done. You have to watch, to follow the movements of your Sensei in order to obtain same skills. The Way for every Master starts from watching and copying your teacher. And then once you feel confidence, you shall develop your own style and choose your own Way. This unique video with the Greatest Japanese Senseis in indispensable or real trainings.


Choosing weapon is rather easy. Some types weapon, like Sai or Jyou does not have any parameters o choose.

But if you deal with Bokuto, Bow or Arrows you must know exactly what size, what specifications are required from the product you choose.

Please pay attention that no returns or refunds are accepted for weapon.


Return procedure is Simple and Easy!

Returns and refunds are accepted for faulty goods only.

1. You have 10 days to apply for a refund/return after your receive goods.

2. To initiate return procedure please provide us photograph and state your claim. Attention! Do not send us goods unless you receive our confirmation and instructions regarding return/refund. 

3. In case of return as a general rule Customer bears all shipping expenses. Please apply for insurance when you ship. In case you ship uninsured goods, which shall be lost, we shall not consider your claim.

4. After goods arrive to our warehouse, we shall refund in full within 7 business days.

5. The price of goods shall be refunded in full.

In case we ship different item by mistake we shall bare expenses for return delivery.

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